Sometimes nursing home caregivers or staff members fail to treat their patients with dignity and respect. Nursing home staff negligence can be difficult to recognize and is often covered up by nursing home staff. Our lawyers are familiar with all the rules and regulations governing the quality of care in nursing home institutions.

Nursing homes are care centers, where senior citizens or persons with disabilities receive regular attention and around-the-clock care. Members of a family are placed into nursing homes mainly because they become incapable of looking after themselves and need assistance with carrying out daily tasks. The nursing-home staff and owners must take extra care to provide a safe environment that promotes the health and well-being of the residents.

Sometimes the caregivers or staff members fail to treat their patients with dignity and respect. Even though nursing homes receive assistance from the federal government, they are often understaffed and the staff is usually underpaid. Nursing homes must hire qualified workers and must make sure that the workers perform all their duties.   When the nursing-home staff or managers do not uphold a standard of decency, and their negligence or wrongful actions cause residents to suffer death, injury, or illness, the nursing home must be held responsible for the harm it causes.

Richard Taylor and Ed Rowan with the law firm of Taylor Martino recently arbitrated a case and obtained a substantial monetary award for the family of a nursing-home resident.  The resident showed signs of a stroke, but the medical staff ignored the symptoms and went to lunch. The resident was found dead more than an hour later. A substantial monetary award was rendered for the family and against the nationwide nursing-home chain.

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