After you have been in an auto accident, or have suffered other personal injuries due to another’s carelessness, you probably do not want to think about all the issues arising from the accident. Most importantly for you is to focus on your health and medical care. However, part of the settlement process in a personal injury case requires the handling of liens. Negotiating the settlement of hospital liens can be very complex, and it’s important to have an experienced personal injury lawyer on your side.

hospitalTaylor Martino, P.C.  is representing clients against hospitals that have wrongfully filed hospital liens and attempted to collect hospital bills our clients do not owe. Currently, we are pursuing cases where hospitals have collected or attempted to collect money from accident victims with health insurance by wrongfully filing hospital liens against their patients.

Most hospitals have contracts with health insurance providers that require the hospital to submit their medical bill to their patients’ health insurance provider.  However, after an accident, many hospitals refuse to submit their bills to the health insurance provider.  Instead, they file hospital liens against their patients and attempt to collect excessive amounts from their patients’ settlement with the at-fault party.

If you had health insurance when you received medical treatment and a hospital lien was filed against you, you may have paid money you did not owe or the hospital may be attempting to collect money you do not owe.  In both cases, you may have a claim against the hospital for money damages.

Please contact Kenny Metzger or Steve Martino at (251) 433-3131 to find out if you have a claim.

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