A number of patients who recently had surgery may have been exposed to dangerous bacteria that is notoriously hard to diagnose. The bacteria can have life-altering, even deadly consequences. What is worse and frightening is that the patients probably don’t even know they have been infected and may not learn that they have been infected…

Taylor Martino, PC has filed a lawsuit on behalf of Portersville Bay Oyster Company against 4H Construction and Gunter N. Guy, Commissioner of Alabama Department of Conservation. Portersville Bay Oyster Company holds private and state-owned aquaculture easements for cage-raised and bottom oysters. Portersville claims the heavy machinery used by 4H Construction to complete the Marsh Island…

Stryker Spine – OASYS Midline Occiput Plate Recall If you or anyone you know have received this device implant and need revision surgery due to pain and suffering from the product defect, please contact Taylor Martino.

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